Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gerry Ritz should be fired, part VII

Thank you for publicizing my Gerry Ritz posts, National Post. The readers of the yellow beast can always stand to be pointed to an alternative reality from that on its pages. Heh...:) Although you got a few things wrong here:
If you clamour for more angry screeds against Gerry Ritz, check out Impolitical, who's been tilting at that windmill for a good part of the week. He's even started a six-part series on why Ritz should be turfed.
We are not angry, we are a strong advocate that justice be done on the listeriosis file. This means making the case against the Harper government for their incompetence on the issue and their wilful deregulation that has led to less meat inspection at plants like the Maple Leaf facility. If that is what passes for angry these days, then I don't think someone's reading the full extent of the blogosphere.

Tilting at windmills? Methinks this belies an operating assumption on the part of the author...Gerry Ritz's failings are no imaginary set of foibles. And in a government of integrity, he would no longer be a Minister. That Conservatives have decided to bring us Bush administration style accountability for government failings is part of the problem. This blogger is playing on the long established Canadian playing field on which Ministers do resign for such incompetence.

So here you are, Gerry Ritz should be fired, Part VII, just for the National Post Readers.


Update (4:30 p.m.): a reader reminds me that the Maxime Bernier strike watch got up to about eighteen, so Gerry Ritz, beware...:)